Cristiano Ronaldo last fifa world cup

Cristiano Ronaldo last World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo dream of winning FIFA world cup 2022 for Portugal ends in tear yesterday after his team upset defeat against Morocco in the Quarter finals on Saturday. There were lot of emotions on the field when referee blew he the whistle. Morocco becomes the first Afrcian nation to reach to the World cup semifinals. After final whistle Morocco celebrated his impressive win against Portugal.

At the age of 37, this could be Ronaldo last world cup for Portugal. Ronaldo was the part of team when they won Euro Cup 2016. But his dream of winning world cup may be remain unfulfilled desire for one of the greats of the game.

In this FIFA World cup everyone was hoping for Ronaldo vs Messi match once. Because this was Ronaldo last world cup. Ronaldo came on as a substitute early in the second half with his team already losing. He replaced midfielder Rúben Neves in the 51st minute for his 196th international men’s appearance.

Ronaldo had said before the World Cup that he did not plan to retire from the Portuguese national team after the tournament in Qatar, and that he planned to play at least at the 2024 European Championship.Ronaldo was coming off lackluster performances in the group stage, though he scored in the 3-2 win over Ghana to become the first player to score in five World Cups. He has played in every edition of the tournament since 2006.

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Ronaldo way to dressing room in tears after losing quarter final



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