Argentina wins FIFA World Cup

On 18th December 2022 Argentina wins FIFA World Cup 2022 against France. And it came after so long 36 years. And it was one of the best FIFA World Cup 2022 win ever. We know that this was Lionel Messi last world cup and he gave it everything to make his team won against France in Final of World Cup.

When we talk about Final Match it was unbelievable and was treat to watch how both team fights against each other for the world cup. There were Huge amount of Supporters for both team. Both team Fans cheered till last second of match.

Argentina scored 2-0 till Halftime against France.

If we talk about match till the first half it was Argentina who was two goals ahead over France. First Goal was scored by itself Messi by places it on the right bottom corner and in second goal was scored by Angel Di Maria. Till the first half its look like that France is not in the game of winning final.

But suddenly after first half France started attacking in Argentina Court. And then Suddenly Kylian Mbappe got the penalty opportunity, and he converted penalty into goal in the 80th minute.

It was less than two minutes when Mbappe scored first goal, Kylian Mbappe hammered one more goal and make it equalizer. For first 75th minutes France was struggling to score a goal and Mbappe back to back two goal changes the whole scenario in the stadium. On the final whistle match was tied on 2-2 goal and it went to extra time.


After the final whistle match went to extra time of 15 minutes which gonna decide world cup winner. But neither team scored in the first 15 minutes of extra time, it mean we were fifteen minutes away from penalty kicks if none of them able to score goal. In second fifteen minutes extra time Messi score the third goal for Argentina in the 108th minute of the World cup final.

It was Lionel Messi second goal of the night, and he back again in lead for the Golden Boot. But this happiness on the face of Argentina or there fans was not for long, as in the 117th minute of match Kylian Mbappe scored one more goal and put the score on equalizer. Now thing goes forward to penalty kicks which helps in deciding World cup winner 2022.


Kingsley Coman and Aurélien Tchouaméni missed for France, while Argentina converted all four kicks to win the country’s third World Cup championship. Gonzalo Montiel scored the winner for Argentina.

Argentina's players celebrate world cup final winning moment.



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